Gravhøjen åbnes

Fra rokoko-middelalderisme i Johann Elias Schlegels Canut til vikinge-romantik i Johannes Ewalds Rolf Krage

  • Andreas Hjort Møller
Nøgleord: Johann Elias Schlegel, Johannes Ewald, præromantik, middelalderisme


Andreas Hjort Møller: “The Opening of the Barrow – From Rococo Medievalism in Johann Elias Schlegel’s Canut to Viking Romanticism in Johannes Ewald’s Rolf Krage

This article demonstrates how the representation of the Middle Ages changes from the picture of a barbaric period into the vision of a glorified past. Johann Elias Schlegel adapted a passage from Saxo’s Gesta Danorum for his 1746 play King Canute, which influenced Johannes Ewald’s widely read 1770 Saxonian play Rolf Krage. Both plays were highly popular in their time. Schlegel portrays the Middle Ages as a stark contrast to the absolutist Enlightenment ideals of his own time, whereas Ewald embraces the heathen Middle Ages as world in its own right, in which the author explores the human condition in all its aspects.

Møller, A. (2019). Gravhøjen åbnes. Passage - Tidsskrift for Litteratur Og Kritik, 34(81), 121-135. Hentet fra