Simulerede krigsteatre

Om eksplosionen af slagmarkens tid og rum i Rimini Protokolls Situation Rooms og Harun Farockis Serious Games

  • Solveig Gade
Nøgleord: Rimini Protokoll, Harun Farocki, krigsteater, simulationer, dokumentarisme


Solveig Gade: “Simulated Theaters of War. On Rimini Protokoll and Harun Farocki’s explosion of the temporality and spatiality of the battle space”
This article posits that the current alliances between the military, Hollywood, and the gaming industries mark an unprecedented degree of refinement in the use and shaping of the perceptual apparatuses of civilians as well as deployed personnel as an integral part of warfare. Resorting to Carl von Clausewitz’ concept of Theater of War and further drawing on the theoretical insights of amongst others James Der Derian and Tim Lenoir, the article seeks to investigate the explosion of the battle fields’ temporality and spatiality in today’s mediatized war scape. For this investigation, Harun Farocki’s video installation Serious Games and Rimini Protokoll’s performance Situation Rooms will serve as cases. Furthermore, the article will discuss how in different ways, the two works seek to make the seemingly forgotten events of war surface through a strategy of combining documentary and fictitious elements.

Gade, S. (2018). Simulerede krigsteatre. Passage - Tidsskrift for Litteratur Og Kritik, 33(80), 93-109.