Blind maskine og gakket klovn

Komiske fremstillinger af arbejderen fra taylorismen til i dag

  • Johanne Gormsen Schmidt
Nøgleord: Work, Comedy, Henri Bergson, Sianne Ngai, Franz Kafka


Blind Machine and Zany Clown – Comical Representations of the Worker in the Age of Taylorism and Today

This article aims at historicizing the conception of the comical, arguing that theories and cultural representations of the comical character from different time periods offer valuable insight into the experience of work at given historical moments. The status of personality in the comical character turns out to be highly pertinent to the understanding of work in the transition to late modernity.

Schmidt, J. (2018). Blind maskine og gakket klovn. Passage - Tidsskrift for Litteratur Og Kritik, 33(3), 21-36.