Den första användarresponsen på cd-romversionen av den finska basordboken


  • Marja Lehtinen


An electronic CD-ROM version of the Basic Dictionary of the Finnish Language, that describes the vocabulary ofthe present standard language, was published in February 1997. My article describes the comments that had been received from the users ofthe CD-Basic Dictionary until May 1997. At that time the product had been available only a short time, about three months. The main source ofthe comments is the program user register, in the cards ofwhich there was space for comments. The majority ofthose who commented were very satisfied with the product. They regarded it as up-to-date and easy to use. In some cases the choice ofheadwords was criticised, and the text of some entries was found not enough informative. Some users were interested in having the new vocabulary quickly updated, and others would like to have some additional programs to help writers. For the following versions of the dictionary it is necessary to decide whether we should retain the features resembling a book and try to write better entries, or should we concentrate in developing new many-sided search programs.





Lehtinen, M. (1997). Den första användarresponsen på cd-romversionen av den finska basordboken. Nordiske Studier I Leksikografi, (4). Hentet fra