Fiktionymer i bilingval leksikografi


  • Ken Farø


Attention is drawn to a category which has bccn ncglccted by lexicography as well as linguistic onomastics.
A category which is herc given the namc «fictionymy» - i.e. names thai rcfer to fictional
objects of any kind, such as literary characters, comic locations, film titlcs etc. Apart from theoretically
discussing the significancc offictionyms in modem interlingual communication, thc rclcvance ofthis
catcgory in bilingual lexicography is considered. In addition, an empirical examination ofthrcc DanishGerman
dictionaries is referred to, whose aim is to find out whethcr - and if: to what cxtent and how -
thesc dictionaries include fictionyms. It is concludcd that fictionyms should be considered for conclusion
in bilingual dictionarics on exactly thc same prcmiscs as other lcxcmcs, thai is on the ground of
communicational relevance. That is prcsently not the case.



Farø, K. (2014). Fiktionymer i bilingval leksikografi. Nordiske Studier I Leksikografi, (7). Hentet fra