Fra redaktørens værksted Om færdigredigeringen af stor Tysk-Dansk Ordbog


  • Torben Christiansen


From the editor’s workshop – the final editing of Stor Tysk-Dansk Ordbog. After the authors had handed in the final data files for the dictionary, it fell to me as publishing editor
to carry out a cross check in a number of areas in collaboration with the authors. We went through the dictionary data in a transverse fashion to eliminate errors and ensure
the necessary consistency. We used as our basis a log file which served both as a to-do list and a memory aid for the editor and the project. In my paper I present some methods to
survey and edit a dictionary of this large size, and I present some representative examples: 1. Statistics of fields and their content. 2. Spell check of all Danish words. 3. Check of
nouns and their endings and gender within individual entries. 4. Comparison of entries: 50 semantic fields and super-/subordinate concepts such as chemical elements, the grading
scale, and Greek letters. 5. Alphabetization of bold parts of idioms.





Christiansen, T. (2007). Fra redaktørens værksted Om færdigredigeringen af stor Tysk-Dansk Ordbog. Nordiske Studier I Leksikografi, (9). Hentet fra