Introduction to 2017-3

Keywords: Health, Working Environment and Wellbeing, Employment, wages, unemployment & rehabilitation, Work/life balanceGender, ethnicity, age & diversity, Identity, meaning & culture, , Organization & management


This issue contains six articles that reflect on various aspects of working life, as it unfolds in contemporary Nordic contexts. They bring out new empirical material and theoretical reflections that – as small mosaics – can help us better understand what is going on in the Nordic labor markets, in business enterprises and public service organizations, and in the private spheres of social life. Some of the articles even suggest how we might change what is going on, in order to improve working conditions and policies. However, I dare not venture to put the mosaics together to get the ‘big-picture’. I guess many interesting ‘minor-pictures’ can be composed upon reading the articles. Instead, let me briefly introduce the themes that the articles touch upon (...)

Author Biography

Anders Buch, Aalborg University
 Professor with Specific Responsibilities, Department of Education, Learning and Philosophy. mail:
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