In this issue, NJWLS opens a new section with reviews. We review three new books, based on professional research, on “Organizational Misbehavior,” “Dirty Work,” and “The Work of Managers.” In the coming issues, we will bring more reviews of English-language books based on Nordic working life research.

This issue includes six articles where we start off by Abrahamsson and Johansson, who give us a short but comprehensive presentation of how psychosocial work environment has been understood in research and policy over 100 years, with Sweden as the focal point. Short, because they write in the format of an article. Comprehensive, because the authors take a broad understanding of the psychosocial work environment comprising “health/illness,” where factors such as stress and burnout are central, “management and development,” where employee involvement, learning, and innovation are central, and “problematization,” which includes critically oriented research on the nature of work. The article not only provides an overview of the research that has been done in this area in the last 100 years but also relates research to policy and practice. The article thus provides a valuable perspective on today’s research and public debate on the works, with a Nordic perspective (...)

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Helge Hvid, Roskilde University

Professor, Department of People and Technology. Working Life. email:

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