Ann Bergman has in this issue an interesting commentary about the future. Bergman urges working life researchers not to look into the future, it is quite unpredictable, but to imagine different futures, and by that contribute to the creation of the future.  A book about the future is reviewed by Pekka Kosonen, namely Dølvik et al: The Nordic Model Towards 2030. However, most working life researchers tent to study the past and the present, and not the future. That is also the case in the six articles published in this issue. However, all of them present research that calls for an action, to create a better future. In this issue, gender equality, health promotion and temporary work arrangements are studied. Problems are identified, and in some cases, solutions are also suggested. The research presented in this issue thus has potentials to influence the future (...)

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Helge Hvid, Roskilde University

Professor, Department of People and Technology. Working Life. email:

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Hvid, H. (2015). Introduction. Nordic Journal of Working Life Studies, 5(1), 1-2.