After Practice: A Personal Reflection

  • Barbara Czarniawska University of Gothenburg
Keywords: Organization & management


My text contains more questions than answers, and the answers are only speculative. My first question is: ‘Whose turn to practice took place in 2001?’ The text contains a short review of various meanings of the term in different disciplines. From there I move to the second question, which I find especially relevant for my discipline: management and organization studies. ‘Is ‘reflective practitioner’ an oxymoron?’ I set Niklas Luhmann against Donald Schön in my search for an answer. The third question is: ‘How can bridges between practitioners and theoreticians of management be (re)built?’

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Barbara Czarniawska, University of Gothenburg
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Czarniawska, B. (2015). After Practice: A Personal Reflection. Nordic Journal of Working Life Studies, 5, 105-114.