In this issue we present six articles, which are quite different in both scope and methodology. Changes in the quality of working life are however a common interest in all articles. Two articles deal with the tension between passion and exploitation in current working life—one is a theoretical article, the other is primarily empirical. Two articles deal with the effects of flexibility on the quality of working life: one examined the effects of the ‘flexicurity model’ on the quality of working life; the other examined how the flexibility of work in elder care affects the quality of working life.  Another article examines the importance of personal relationship to the nearest leader for well-being. In the last article the position of women at the labor market is analyzed in the perspective of the last 50 years (...)

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Helge Hvid, Roskilde University

Professor, Department of People and Technology. Working Life. email:

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Hvid, H. (2015). Introduction. Nordic Journal of Working Life Studies, 5(2), 1-2.