Youth Health and Safety Groups: Process Evaluation from an Intervention in Danish Supermarkets

Keywords: Health, Working Environment & Wellbeing, Learning & Competencies, Organization & Management


Young workers employed in temporary positions constitute a vast part of the employees in the Danish retail sector. The aim of the present study was to evaluate the implementation of an intervention to establish H&S groups for young workers in Danish supermarkets. The intervention aimed to include and involve the young workers in the management of their work environment and work conditions, and simultaneously to strengthen the organization’s ability to include them in the H&S management. The study was designed as a multiple case study. Twelve youth H&S groups were established and ran for 2 months within 10 supermarkets. Results based on qualitative data suggest that H&S groups for young workers have potential for increasing inclusion and involvement in the work environment among the young workers and for being beneficial for the supermarkets. However, the implementation requires continuous support from the management and H&S representatives.

Author Biographies

Karen Albertsen, TeamWorkingLife ApS

Senior researcher. E-mail:

Sisse Grøn, Tecnical University of Denmark

Postdoc, Department of Management, Technology and Economics

Kristina Karstad Meyland, National Research Centre for the Working Environment


Hans Jørgen Limborg, TeamWorkingLife ApS



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