Introduction to NJWLS 2019-1


In this issue, we present four articles that illuminate working life in the Nordic coun- tries. These articles span a diverse area of work practices and accentuate different aspects of regulative mechanisms and policies that structure the unfolding of contemporary work in Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark. The research examines the minute and subtle practices and narratives of human resource experts in Sweden that are active in organizational recruitment processes, and it explores pension schemes in Norwegian companies. In the articles, we learn about the temporary liminal spaces of professionals in Finland, and we get a review of the literature on employer strategies for preventing mental health related work disabilities (...)

Author Biography

Anders Buch, Aalborg University


Professor with Specific Responsibilities, Department of Education, Learning and Philosophy

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Buch, A. (2019). Introduction to NJWLS 2019-1. Nordic Journal of Working Life Studies, 9(1).