Refugees and Immigrants in the Nordic


Immigration to the Nordic countries has increased significantly in the last 40 years (Pettersen & Østby 2013:76). Although exact data are hard to come by, it is clear that the term integration, albeit vague and often undefined, has become central in public and political debates. A central premise of most of the debates is the claim that newly arrived immigrants and refugees have not become part of their host societies to a satisfactory extent. Subsequently, an increasing number of initiatives and laws have been introduced in the Nordic countries with the intention to promote integration. (...)

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Anders Buch, Aalborg University


Professor. E-mail:

Sara Kristine Gløjmar Berthou, The Danish Society of Engineers


PhD. Project Manager.

Thomas Bredgaard, Aalborg University



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Buch, A., Berthou, S. K., & Bredgaard, T. (2018). Refugees and Immigrants in the Nordic. Nordic Journal of Working Life Studies, 8(S4), 1-5.