<em>Inventariografi</em> – al leksikografis og grammatikografis mo(r)der?

  • Ken Farø


Why do we call our subject ‘lexicography’? We describe other things than lexis, such as morphology and microtextology. Another basic but at the same time polysemous and quite fuzzy concept is ‘grammar’. The traditional division of labour between these two descriptive branches of linguistics leaves vast fields of language phenomena undescribed as many phenomena fall between the two areas. Not to mention those parts of language that fall completely outside this binary schema. Why don’t we describe systematically and make easily accessible all conventional linguistic phenomena having sign value on any level? This article makes a first conceptual attempt by suggesting an all-inclusive meta-discipline called ‘inventoriography’ whose task is defined exactly this way.
Farø, K. (2015). <em>Inventariografi</em&gt; – al leksikografis og grammatikografis mo(r)der?. LexicoNordica, (20). Hentet fra https://tidsskrift.dk/lexn/article/view/20870