Det attende århundredes islandske leksikografi

  • Guðrún Kvaran


This paper deals with 18th century lexicography in lceland. At that time intere~t in
lcelandic dictionaries began to grow, especially due to the influence of professor Arni
Magnusson in Copenhagen. Several still unpublished lexicographical manuscripts of
historical value from thi~ period exist, the most important one being the lcelandicLatin
Dictionary of J6n Olafsson from Grunnavik (AM 433 fol.) with about 50.000
entries. Only two dictionaries were published at this time, howe'!er, a Latin-Icelandic
dictionary (1738), Nucleus Latinitatis, compiled by bishop J6n Amason, and the lcelandic-
Latin-Danish dictionary (1814) of Bjom Halld6rsson with Danish translations
by Rasmus Christian Rask. The latter work in particular had strong influence on most
lcelandic dictionaries in the 19th and 20th century.

Kvaran, G. (2000). Det attende århundredes islandske leksikografi. LexicoNordica, (7). Hentet fra