Lemma(re)konstruktion i K.F. Söderwalls Ordbok öfver svenska medeltids-språket

  • Ulrika Djärv


My ongoing study of K.F. Söderwalls period dictionary Ordbok öfver svenska medeltids-
språket (Sdw) (1884–1918, 1925–1973) concerns, among other things, the
reconstruction of the lexicographers principles for constructing lemmas from the Old
Swedish material, which is rich in variation. It has been claimed that the lemmas in
Sdw are constructed to represent an Early Old Swedish form. My observations, presented
here, of the lexicographers handling of vowel balance and consonant epenthesis
indicate that the constructed lemmas are normalized towards a somewhat younger
Late Old Swedish form. However, other details in the lemmas suggest otherwise, and
this inconsistent lexicographical adoption of neogrammarian soundlaws can cause
difficulties in using Sdw. The article also touches upon the possibilities of using frequency
and sociolinguistically motivated prestige forms as principles for constructing
lemmas in historical dictionaries.

Djärv, U. (2006). Lemma(re)konstruktion i K.F. Söderwalls Ordbok öfver svenska medeltids-språket. LexicoNordica, (13). Hentet fra https://tidsskrift.dk/lexn/article/view/18576
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