Statskundskab og journalistik – et mage par?


  • Erik Albæk Institut for Statskundskab, Syddansk Universitet



Due to a common intellectual heritage, journalism and political science share a number of common features, for instance their object of study, sources, and methods. Consequently, the two professions can engage in a fruitful partnership and in fact often do benefit from one another both in terms of teaching and research. For instance political scientists often use journalistic articles as source of information on a given matter, and journalists often cite political scientists as sources for their articles. At the same time the two professions have their distinct identities that sometimes makes their relationship difficult. However, as in any well functioning partnership there must be differences and  individuality or it won’t work!


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Albæk, E. (2006). Statskundskab og journalistik – et mage par?. Journalistica, 1(3).