Journalisters syn på journalistisk etik


  • Roger Buch Danmarks Journalisthøjskole



Ethics, moral and values have gained much attention in the past decades, which also have created focus on journalism ethics, particularly because of the power and potentially negative consequences journalism can have. A survey with members of the Danish Union of Journalist show that, there is a wide spread consciousness on journalism ethics, and a rather high support for some selected ethical questions, but also that many experience ethical problems in media in general and on their own journalistic workplaces. The ethical consciousness is primarily created through own reflections and faults, dialogues with and observations of colleagues in the daily work. The leader and management level on the workplace, and the especially The Press Council plays on the contrary a very little or directly marginal role.


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Buch, R. (2006). Journalisters syn på journalistisk etik. Journalistica, 1(1).