The Subject Lagging Behind the Acceleration of Neoliberal Capitalist Discourse


  • David Pavón-Cuéllar State University of Michoacán



Capitalist discourse, Neoliberalism, Acceleration, Lacan, Marx


The capitalist discourse, as formulated by Lacan, imposes a ceaseless movement, a continuous displacement without friction or obstacles, which is going faster and faster as we get into deep neoliberalism. Its acceleration is correlated with its freedom—the freedom of neoliberal capitalism, the free market and the free circulation of goods, including subjective commodities. People must follow the rhythm of production and consumption, a rhythm that, as Marx showed, consumes people as much as it consumes their environment, their planet and their conditions of existence, which are also those of capitalism itself. The capitalist discourse, according to Lacan, undermines itself by consuming its own foundation. The capital even consumes itself by its effectiveness. The efficiency of capital, which implies an unsustainable progressive acceleration, is what this paper will examine at the subjective level. It will show how the subject is radically excluded— forclosed—when there is no time for them to live, stop and exist, be unoccupied, look back, resignify their history and understand until the moment of conclusion. Without conclusion of anything, there is no interval to unfold the subject’s existence. There is no point at which life can be anything other than labour and consumption, i.e., production and realization of capital.

Author Biography

David Pavón-Cuéllar, State University of Michoacán

David Pavón-Cuéllar is Professor of Psychology and Philosophy at the State University of Michoacán (Universidad Michoacana de San Nicolás de Hidalgo, Morelia, Mexico). He holds a Ph.D. in Philosophy from the University of Rouen (France) and a Ph.D. in Psychology from the University of Santiago de Compostela (Spain). He is the author of the books Virus del Capital (Buenos Aires, Docta Ignorancia, 2021); Más allá de la psicología indígena: concepciones mesoamericanas de la subjetividad (Mexico City, Porrúa, 2021), Zapatismo y subjetividad: más allá de la psicología (Bogotá and Morelia, Cátedra Libre and UMSNH, 2020); Psicología crítica: definición, antecedentes, historia y actualidad (Mexico City, Itaca, 2019); Psicanálise e Marxismo: As Violências Em Tempos De Capitalismo (with Nadir Lara, Curitiba, Appris, 2018); Marxism and Psychoanalysis: In or Against Psychology? (London, Routledge, 2017); Marxismo, psicología y psicoanálisis (with Ian Parker, Mexico City, Paradiso, 2017); Capitalismo y psicología crítica en Latinoamérica (Mexico City, Kanankil, 2017); Elementos políticos de marxismo lacaniano (Mexico City, Paradiso, 2014); From the Conscious Interior to an Exterior Unconscious: Lacan, Discourse Analysis and Social Psychology (London, Karnac, 2010); Marxisme lacanien (Paris, Psychophores, 2009); and co-editor, with Nadir Lara, of De la pulsión de muerte a la represión de estado: marxismo y psicoanálisis ante la violencia estructural del capitalismo (Mexico City, Porrúa, 2016), and, with Ian Parker, of Lacan, Discourse, Event: New Psychoanalytic Approaches to Textual Indeterminacy (London & New York, Routledge, 2013).




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Subjectivities, acceleration and applied psychology