Subjectivity and?


  • Ole Dreier Department of Psychology, University of Copenhagen



Subjectivity, agency, critical psychology, social practice theory, nexus


The aim of the paper is to give a brief presentation of an approach to developing the conception of subjectivity in psychology. This conception is developed on the background of the science of the subject of critical psychology as founded by Holzkamp (1983) which considers subjectivity as a core concept in human psychology. In the conception presented in this paper, it is argued that human subjectivity must be grasped as grounded in a subject’s ongoing situated participation and conduct of everyday life in and across various, structurally arranged social practices. It is argued why such a conception of subjectivity is necessary and its main concepts are briefly presented. A critical identification of methodological and conceptual inadequacies in narrower notions of the psyche and subjectivity paves the way for the line of arguments leading to this broader conception of subjectivity.

Author Biography

Ole Dreier, Department of Psychology, University of Copenhagen

Ole Dreier is Professor emeritus at the Department of Psychology, University of Copenhagen and at the Inland University of Applied Sciences in Lillehammer, Norway. He has held the Wilhelm Wundt chair in Leipzig and been affiliated with universities in Mexico, Germany, and the United States. His research background is in critical psychology where he has worked on the conception of the subject and on practice research, in particular on change and learning in relation to psychotherapy, health care and education. He is an approved specialist in psychotherapy and supervision.




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Theoretical solutions, critique and synthesis