McMindfulness in the Era of Accelerated Life




Mindfulness, neoliberalism, David Harvey, accumulation by dispossession, change


This article addresses how we are to understand mindfulness as a cultural phenomenon and why it has changed so little of what it originally set out to address. In the article, it will be argued that we need to understand the development of mindfulness as a part of the progression of neoliberalism. Central in the analysis of neoliberalism stands Harvey’s concept of accumulation by dispossession (2003, 2007) helping us understanding the transformations mindfulness has made from being a part of a religious practice to becoming a product in the modern health discourse through processes of privatizing and commodification. Finally, the article discusses if mindfulness contains critical potentials for change.

Author Biography

Klaus Nielsen, Department of Psychology, Aarhus University

Klaus Nielsen is currently based at Department of Psychology, Aarhus University. His research centres on learning, social practice and theoretical psychology




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Nielsen, K. (2021). McMindfulness in the Era of Accelerated Life. International Review of Theoretical Psychologies, 1(1).