Presseetisk kontrol

  • Annegrete Skovbjerg Center for Journalistik og Efteruddannelse
  • Oluf Jørgensen Danmarks Journalisthøjskole


This article describes the development of the press ethics system and shows examples of practices of The Press Council. The Danish system is unique because law regulates The Press Council and its organizational structure is parallel to the structure of public institutions. While the structure of the council is not a problem, the council’s lack of visibility is. In connection with this, the article recommends some adjustments that would strengthen The Press Council’s importance. The media’s own ethic agreements are also covered in this article, and in the concluding evaluation of purpose and functions these agreements will be compared to the guidelines laid down by The Press Council.
Skovbjerg, A., & Jørgensen, O. (1). Presseetisk kontrol. Journalistica - Tidsskrift for Forskning I Journalistik, 1(1). Hentet fra