Begjærets kristologi, begjærets frigjøring


  • Jan-Olav Henriksen



Desire, Christology, opening desire, closing desire, identity of Jesus


The article explores how an analysis of how desire in human life may prove a fruitful approach to develop a contemporary Christology, i.e., an actual and relevant interpretation of the work and ministry of Jesus Christ. Taking its point of departure in desire as a pre-subjective and relational element in human life, it develops its importance in the life of Jesus, interpreting his ministry as shaped by a desire for the kingdom of God, understood as an open and lifegiving community. By understanding Jesus’ desire for the Kingdom as an open and opening desire, it also becomes possible to see the opposition against him and his death as a result of a closed and closing
desire, that strives for control and negates the community he desired. Moreover, by analyzing how desire is at play also in different encounters between Jesus and others, the article displays ways of reading his life and work from the angle of desire in a way that allows for developing a close connection between his ministry and his death. This proves an important supplementary approach to a Christology that focuses more exclusively only on theological notions like sin and redemption.





Henriksen, J.-O. (2009). Begjærets kristologi, begjærets frigjøring. Dansk Teologisk Tidsskrift, 72(1), 1–17.