Pagter i Koranen

  • Thomas Hoffmann
Nøgleord: Covenant, Oath, Koran, Qur´ān, Muhammad, Islam


The article presents the central covenantal concepts in the Koran and discusses their provenance, meaning, interrelatedness and interpretation as put forth in academic Islamic studies. A special point of interest concerns the covenantal relations between God (Allāh) and man whilst it is maintained that covenantal aspects should not be isolated from other, seemingly less theological aspects, e.g., various forms of social contracts, oaths and promises. Two subsequent paragraphs follow: the first one concerns covenantal relations between Muhammad and other human beings along with covenants as commercial transactions between God and human beings. The second paragraph considers the concept of divinely supported covenantal renunciations. The article closes
with some tentative remarks on the embodied provenance and usage of covenantal concept.

Hoffmann, T. (2011). Pagter i Koranen. Dansk Teologisk Tidsskrift, 74(1), 70-90.