Når verden skriver teologiens dagsorden – Sydafrika og Palæstina

  • Peter Lodberg
Nøgleord: Vatican II, Kairos South Africa, Kairos Palestine, reconciliation, restorative justice


Vatican II represented a fresh start for studies in missiology and ecumenical theology. Especially its call to contextualize and rethink old theological dogmas was well received in many churches in Latin America and Africa that were involved in a process of liberation from old colonial structures. In South Africa the church struggle resulted in the formulation of the Kairos document in 1985. It has since inspired theologians in Palestine/Israel to formulate a Palestinian Kairos document in 2009. In both documents the concepts of reconciliation and restorative justice are used to express interrelated realities. A group of international theologians marked the 500 year of the Reformation by publishing a declaration in January 2017 in Wittenberg, Germany, in line with the two Kairos documents. This shows that in missiology and ecumenical theology new theological inspiration is now coming from the Global South, thereby challenging the Western churches to take a stand in the on-going conflict in Palestine/Israel.

Lodberg, P. (2017). Når verden skriver teologiens dagsorden – Sydafrika og Palæstina. Dansk Teologisk Tidsskrift, 80(2-3), 222-235. https://doi.org/10.7146/dtt.v80i2-3.106357