Paulus i Aarhus – fra Johannes Munck til nu

  • Eve-Marie Becker
Nøgleord: Paul, Pauline research, Acts of the Apostles, salvation history, history of theology, Johannes Munck


Recapitulating Johannes Munck’s most prominent international contribution to the field of Pauline exegesis, this article at the same time reflects upon the history of New Testament studies in Aarhus: from the time of Munck’s employment as professor of New Testament exegesis in 1938 to the founding of the Faculty of Theology in 1942 and up to his early death in 1965 as well as even more recent times. Munck’s interest in and view on Paul, however, not only provide insight into the history of Theology at Aarhus University: theycan also be seen as an eminent paradigm of New Testament research history, the
reception of Paul, and questions about methods and hermeneutics in particular, shortly before, during, and soon after World War II.

Becker, E.-M. (2017). Paulus i Aarhus – fra Johannes Munck til nu. Dansk Teologisk Tidsskrift, 80(2-3), 81-93.