Homoousia – sprog, krop, trinitet i mediefilosofisk perspektiv

  • Carsten Pallesen
Nøgleord: homoousia, language, body, trinity, hermeneutics, philosophy of media


From the vantage point of body and language in contemporary philosophy of media the article suggests a reinterpretation of the key term homoousia of the Nicene Creed. The concept of homoousia serves as a guideline for Martin Luther’s understanding of the trinity in dialogical rather than narrative terms. The article explores the hermeneutical dimension of body metaphors and language in the Trinitarian faith in a trajectory of reception from Luther to Post-Hegelian theories from Hans-Georg Gadamer to Niklas Luhman, Jean-Luc Nancy and Giorgio Agamben and in contemporary theological interpretations by Carl Andresen, Günter Bader, Eberhard Jüngel and Phillipp Stoellger.

Pallesen, C. (2016). Homoousia – sprog, krop, trinitet i mediefilosofisk perspektiv. Dansk Teologisk Tidsskrift, 79(2), 82-104. https://doi.org/10.7146/dtt.v79i2.105781