Sjælesørgerisk erfaringsnærhed i tre udvalgte gammeltestamentlige salmer

  • Thomas Gudbergsen
Nøgleord: Pastoral care, terminal illness and prison, Old Testament biblical exegesis, Psalm 13, Psalm 32, Psalm 88, Martin Buber, hermeneutical models


The study operates in the field between biblical exegesis and practical theology. The author seeks to unfold the tremendous resources for pastoral care to be found in the Psalms of the Old Testament. This is done through a detailed reading of the Hebrew manuscripts of three Psalms: Pss 13, 32 and 88. Four hermeneutical methods (identification, acceptance, contrast and expansion) are employed to show the value of the Psalms in pastoral care in two specific areas: terminal illness and prisons. As an approach to the Psalter in general the author develops a theory based on the ideas of Jewish philosopher Martin Buber. He makes the Psalm correspond to Buber’s You through which the human I may meet God, and in reverse, the medium through which God may express comfort and relief and illuminate the human I.

Gudbergsen, T. (2015). Sjælesørgerisk erfaringsnærhed i tre udvalgte gammeltestamentlige salmer. Dansk Teologisk Tidsskrift, 78(4), 341-358.