“Guds Israel” i Gal 6,16 og “hele Israel” i Rom 11,26

  • Mogens Müller
Nøgleord: Paul, God’s Israel, The true Israel, Galatians, Romans, New Covenant, Salvation history


Earlier interpreters claimed two possibilities with respect to the expression “God’s Israel” in Galatians 6,16: Either it was the Christians irrespective of their ethnical descendence, or it was the Jewish Christians. In the later years a third possibility has made its appearance, namely that it is the real Israel which Paul then has not forgotten and the destiny of which he returns to in Romans 9-11. This article argues that only the first solution corresponds to Paul’s thinking where nobody reach salvation without a faith in Christ working through love. Thus there is only one candidate to the title “God’s Israel” and that is the church.

Müller, M. (2015). “Guds Israel” i Gal 6,16 og “hele Israel” i Rom 11,26. Dansk Teologisk Tidsskrift, 78(3), 282-298. https://doi.org/10.7146/dtt.v78i3.105761