Den Praktiske Teologis grundlagsspørgsmål

  • Bent Flemming Nielsen
Nøgleord: Practical theology, epistemology, theory and practice, theological education and church life, externality of the Word, Lutheran liturgy, interpretation and experience


Two German habilitations dealing with practical-theological
epistemology are reviewed. Fritz Lienhard’s book theorizes the theorypractice
relation between academic research and church life advocating a theological ‘central perspective’ for a fruitful use of different methodologies of research. The book’s preoccupation with modern hermeneutics is questioned through a reference to P. Bourdieu’s theory of practice. Alexander Deeg’s book on the liturgical tradition of German Lutheranism renews a wide discussion of the Lutheran conceptualism of the externality of the Word. The book suggests a new term, ‘WortKult’, to denote the complexity of the Lutheran Worship, which includes both interpretation of words and aesthetic mediated experience of presence.

Nielsen, B. (2014). Den Praktiske Teologis grundlagsspørgsmål. Dansk Teologisk Tidsskrift, 77(2), 162-169.