Hvem er hvem i Klagesangene?

  • Mette Stegelmann
Nøgleord: Lamentations, dialogue, Zion, personification, polyphony, speaking voices


In this article the different speaking voices and personae in
Lamentations are analysed with the intention of uncovering their dialogical
interactions and the effect they have on communicating the
themes of the text. It is shown that there are four principal voices in
Lamentations: the lamenter, Zion, the Man and the community. An essential
element in the polyphony in Lamentations is the personifi cation
of the principal voices. Here it is the persona of Zion who particularly
asserts herself in her role as personifi ed city. She confronts God, who
remains silent in the discourse. The absence of God which is one of the
main themes in Lamentations, becomes more obvious in the dynamic
interaction between the lamenter and Zion. The dialogical discourse
in Lamentations communicates a many-faceted portrait of God which
results in a corresponding many-sided theology.

Stegelmann, M. (2018). Hvem er hvem i Klagesangene?. Dansk Teologisk Tidsskrift, 76(4), 242-260. https://doi.org/10.7146/dtt.v76i4.105691