Sort etik med transkontekstuel inspiration

  • Carsten Elmelund Petersen
Nøgleord: Allan Boesak, contextual ethics, transcontextual foundation, liberation theology, Black Power, Afroamerican inspiration


Allan Boesak developed a black liberation theology in South
Africa in the time of apartheid. He was studying the thinking of four afro-
americans in USA, Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Albert Cleage,
and James Cone. Boesak does not argue that his ethics is universal, because
the validity of his black ethics is only in the contexts where there
is oppression. Black ethics is contextual, Boesak says. But this article
argues that according to Boesak, ethics has validity in all the contexts
where there is oppression. The liberation ethic is, therefore, transcontextual.
Another foundational element in Boesaks ethics is “the Black”:
It is the black consciousness that gives black people a sense of belonging
when they are oppressed. The Black consciousness is transcontextual.
He uses the inspiration from USA, which is his original context, into
the South Africa apartheid situation, the application context.

Petersen, C. (2018). Sort etik med transkontekstuel inspiration. Dansk Teologisk Tidsskrift, 76(3), 21-39.