Tekstilproduktion i dansk bronzealder


  • Louise Felding
  • Lilian Matthes
  • Vianna Tastesen


So far, the archaeological research gives a
good overview of the woolen textiles of the
Early Bronze Age, especially the finds from
the oak coffin burials. There are, however,
still questions to ask about the production
and manufacturing of wool, and how
this can be seen in the material culture.
Objects connected to textile production
from settlement contexts in Denmark are
still very sparse, loom weights and spindle
whorls are not many to list. Of course, the
conservation conditions and the missing
knowledge of the material may explain
the absence of such finds. However,
of the objects from different
Early Bronze Age settlements from
Museum Sønderjylland actually shows
that the textile production seems to have
been more common than suggested until
now – at least locally.





Felding, L., Matthes, L., & Tastesen, V. (2021). Tekstilproduktion i dansk bronzealder. Arkæologi I Slesvig-Archäologie in Schleswig, 2020(18), 259–272. Hentet fra https://tidsskrift.dk/arkaeologi_i_Slesvig/article/view/128620