Huse i Haderslev


  • Anne Eg Larsen


Every house and building is a piece of
history in itself. It is a reflection of the
period in which it was built and of the
people who since lived in it and possibly
transformed it to fit their needs. To enlighten
people on this subject and make
them wonder about and recognise building
history, Arkæologi Haderslev put together
city walks with themes specifically
on the architecture in Haderslev. The different
routes focus on different aspects of
time and architecture in the town. This
article concentrates on buildings related
to the renaissance castle of Hansborg and
on buildings reflecting the reunion of
North Schleswig and Denmark in 1920.
These two themes were chosen because
they are unique to Haderslev and southern





Larsen, A. E. (2020). Huse i Haderslev. Arkæologi I Slesvig-Archäologie in Schleswig, (17), 255–264. Hentet fra