Gram-Slotsvej - Die Baugeschichte eines Wegedammes aus dem Spätmittelalter


  • Silke Eisenschmidt


As part of the landscape recovery
programme of the river Gram Å, a 25 m
long section of the protected causeway
across Gram Å between Gram castle and
Gramgård had to be dismantled. This part
of the causeway was excavated during the
winter 2013 / 2014. Underneath several layers
of earth and sand from younger phases
of the causeway, very well preserved rows
of vertical oak and beech posts representing
different phases of construction and
repair were excavated. Eighty-nine dendrochronological
dates reveal that the
complex history of the causeway stretches
over a period of approximately 150 years
from 1345 until the beginning of the
16th Century AD. The precise date allows
an association of the causeway and Gram
castle, of which the oldest parts date to the
end of the Medieval Period.





Eisenschmidt, S. (2020). Gram-Slotsvej - Die Baugeschichte eines Wegedammes aus dem Spätmittelalter. Arkæologi I Slesvig-Archäologie in Schleswig, (17), 213–234. Hentet fra