Højtoft II - en vejlandsby fra højmiddelalderen


  • Mette Nissen


On Sundeved near the village of Ragebøl,
the museum recently excavated a settlement
dated to the High Middle Ages. The
excavation comprised 7125 m2. As the place
name Højtoft indicates, the settlement is
situated on a plateau, approximately 27 m
above sea level. The village consists of houses
and secondary buildings of varying sizes
which could be orientated north-south or
east-west; wells and pits also belong to the
settlement features. The six farms are situated
on both sides of a street running approximately
east-west. A 5,5 m × 2,3 m large
area paved with smaller stones was excavated
centrally in the excavation area. A small
gutter runs through the paved area. What
could the interpretation of this isolated construction





Nissen, M. (2020). Højtoft II - en vejlandsby fra højmiddelalderen. Arkæologi I Slesvig-Archäologie in Schleswig, (17), 197–212. Hentet fra https://tidsskrift.dk/arkaeologi_i_Slesvig/article/view/118539