Folkeskolens historieundervisning - National og/eller flerkulturel historiepolitik?


  • Claus Haas



Politics of History and Memory, History Curriculum, Nationalism, Multiculturalism


In 2005 the Danish government launched a reform of the history curriculum of the Danish Primary School. The result of this reform was new curriculum guidelines, including a remarkable new invention in Danish educational history – a mandatory ‘history canon’, consisting of 27 ‘places of memory’. In this article I analyze the politics of history and memory of this reform – seen from an official nation-state perspective. I ask: How did the government prioritize between concerns of national and multicultural politics of history? Was the new curriculum guidelines an attempt to renationalize the curriculum, and/or and attempt to strengthen a multicultural
dimension? I conclude that the former turned out to be the main concern.




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Haas, C. (2018). Folkeskolens historieundervisning - National og/eller flerkulturel historiepolitik?. Slagmark - Tidsskrift for idéhistorie, (60), 131–145.