Immersed In Pellet Technology: Motivation Paths of Innovative DIYers


  • Stephanie Freeman



What drives and moves an individual towards certain goals and activities is a familiar question for scholars dealing with motivation in the context of schooling or (techno-scientific) work practices. However, non-school contexts such as Internet-enabled volunteer-based technical DIY communities are also important to understand since a growing part of everyday social life is spent on the Internet. This article offers the analytical concept of 'motivation path' for understanding changing and dilemmatic motives in innovative pellet DIY development. It also introduces the concept of 'innovative DIY' to show the blurring of the boundaries between profession/hobby and  and past work life/retirement of technically competent, innovative people. The findings indicate that Internet-enabled making can be an important medium for continued personal growth, competence development, and (self) reflection. The findings could also help us understand how motivations may be carried over from professional work to private DIY work.




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Freeman, S. (2015). Immersed In Pellet Technology: Motivation Paths of Innovative DIYers. Outlines. Critical Practice Studies, 16(1), 54–80.