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Authors can upload them in their institutional repositories as a part of a green open access policy.</p> evianna@lagcc.cuny.edu (Eduardo Vianna) vija@kb.dk (Vibeke Jartoft) Sun, 11 Feb 2024 17:49:00 +0100 OJS http://blogs.law.harvard.edu/tech/rss 60 Rearticulating theory and methodology for perezhivanie and becoming https://tidsskrift.dk/outlines/article/view/135502 <p>Taking up Lemke’s (2000) critical questions of how moments add up to lives and social life, we articulate theoretical and methodological frameworks for <em>perezhivanie</em> and becoming, challenging binaries that splinter entangled flows of <em>perezhivanie</em> into frozen categories. Working from a flat CHAT notion of assemblage to develop an ontology of moments, we stress consequentiality, arguing it emerges in intersections of embodied intensities (not only affective, but also indexical, intra-actional, and historic), the dispersed bio-cultural-historical weight of artifacts and practices, and dialogic resonances across moments. Methodologically, we take an ethico-onto-epistemological perspective to systematically study perezhivanie. The bio-ecological model of rich environments (centered around meaningful complexity, agency, and individual optimization) offers both a key framework for understanding becoming and a design framework for transdisciplinary realizations of ethico-onto-epistemological practice. We illustrate these frameworks with examples from four research projects: a university physics lab group doing and writing an experiment, a former pastor managing bipolar disorder and rejecting faith, a sustained social justice education program at a university, and intersections of aging policies, media representations, and stroke survival in Brazil. Finally, we argue that an ontology of moments centered on consequentiality can illuminate <em>perezhivanie's</em> relationship to becoming and that the model of enriched environments offers metrics to assess and design environments.</p> Paul Prior, Julie Hengst, Bruce Kovanen, Larissa Mazuchelli, Nicole Turnipseed, Ryan Ware Copyright (c) 2023 Paul Prior, Julie Hengst, Bruce Kovanen, Larissa Mazuchelli, Nicole Turnipseed, Ryan Ware https://tidsskrift.dk/outlines/article/view/135502 Sun, 11 Feb 2024 00:00:00 +0100 A Narrative of the Disaster https://tidsskrift.dk/outlines/article/view/133717 <p class="FQSIntroAbstract" style="text-align: justify;">Society's understanding of “suffering” and disaster determines how it will be encountered. In the present study, we apply a constructivist approach and study the understanding of November 12, 2017 earthquake in Zahab at the context of the traumatic history of the region. Applying critical ethnography, oral history, field research and in-depth interviews, we found out that the event is understood in the continuation of a history of irrationality and injustice. Narrators share a common fear among marginalized groups: fear of betrayal, to be forgotten and to be ignored. There exists a vital need for creating collective narratives and identities, hearing them, recognizing them and establishing a meaningful relationship between them.</p> Niloufar Baghban Moshiri, Ismail Aalizad Copyright (c) 2023 Niloufar Baghban Moshiri, Ismail Aalizad https://tidsskrift.dk/outlines/article/view/133717 Sun, 11 Feb 2024 00:00:00 +0100 The culture of child labor as a current expression of neo-colonialism https://tidsskrift.dk/outlines/article/view/128035 <p>This article discusses how the persistence of child labor, especially in Brazil and the United States of America, constitutes a current facet of neo-colonialism. Cultivated as an educational and dignifying activity, exploited child labor persists and is naturalized. Schools, religions, and the legislation contribute to making the working class come to love and naturalize what in the past was understood as torture and punishment, thus jointly acting as a fundamental means of forming a new cultural form: the love of work. Initially, the article discusses how the culture of work is historically founded and then argues against the idealist and postmodern explanations that naturalize it. The argument is based on the understanding that culture has a material basis and is linked to the production and social reproduction of life. Data from the empirical research on child labor in tobacco farming in Brazil and the USA reveal the persistence of the problem among Latino children and families. We conclude with the need to found a new culture for contemporary society, based on other social and economic relations, which allows the working class to free itself from what dominates and exploits it.</p> Soraya Franzoni Conde Copyright (c) 2023 Soraya Franzoni Conde https://tidsskrift.dk/outlines/article/view/128035 Sun, 11 Feb 2024 00:00:00 +0100 Reconceptualization as a Tool of Critical Practice https://tidsskrift.dk/outlines/article/view/143422 João Otavio Garcia, Eduardo Vianna Copyright (c) 2023 João Otavio Garcia, Eduardo Vianna https://tidsskrift.dk/outlines/article/view/143422 Sun, 11 Feb 2024 00:00:00 +0100