ANTS conference: "Acting. Reacting. Enacting. Theory and Practice of Performing Arts" on 2-4 November 2023 in Riga, Latvia.


Latvian Theatre Labor Association and Latvian Academy of Culture, together with the Association of Nordic Theatre Scholars invite contributions and participants to the conference “Acting. Reacting. Enacting. Theory and practice of performing arts” taking place on November 2-4, 2023 in Riga, Latvia, held within the framework of the conference series "Culture Crossroads" by Latvian Academy of Culture.

The conference invites theatre and dance scholars, as well as researchers in other fields to discuss acting, reacting and enacting in the context of the performing arts. The diversity in presentation as well as in social involvement of the performing arts becomes increasingly intertwining in various ways often questioning the borders between real life and art. These processes trigger the discussion on the current developments and historical roots of the contemporary theatre and performance culture acting between the tradition and innovation, reacting on different social contexts and demands, and enacting new approaches.

Each keyword could be addressed both – literally and metaphorically. The actor in many cases has turned into a performer blurring boundaries between the role, if any, and the personality of the actor. Non-professional actors-performers or experts of the everyday are more and more involved in performances. Does it compromise the traditional skills of actors? What kind of acting techniques are still relevant? Acting as performing a socially and politically constitutive gesture is also considered under this keyword. Reacting presupposes a range of reflections on how the performing arts are in dialogue with the tradition within the professional realm, and with the current crisis and developments of the wider socio-political contexts, ideologies and values in question. Enacting entails the visions of and reflections on what in performing arts today serve for putting something into action in the widest sense of the word – through involvement, inclusion and interaction.

We expect the paper proposals discussing the subjects included but not limited to:

  • Diversity in acting styles and actor’s theory from broader perspective;
  • The concept of professionalism in contemporary performing arts;
  • Applied theatre and related fields;
  • Communicative systems of the performing arts;
  • Acting – reacting – enacting on stage and in the society;

Please send your abstract (200–300 words) and a short bio to the email address: until 22nd June 2023.