The local cultural sector : Reinvigorating its public functions and foundations


  • Anita Kangas Anita Kangas, professor, emerita University of Jyväskylä,



In the Nordic tradition, public cultural policy has been endowed with an enlightening and welfarepolitical aim. Nordic cultural policies are based on an overall socio-political objective of furthering the empowerment of the individual, universal enlightenment ("Bildung") and the continued democratisation of society (Nielsen 2003). Locally, an important actor is a municipal cultural sector that is one specialized sector in a municipality's administration. Cultural and art institutions (such as libraries, museums, theatres) are working under the cultural sector administration, although they might sometimes have their own separate administration. According to Gray (2002, pp. 82-83) the arts as a coherent policy sector within local government is weak because of low political salience and a fragmented field of activity, with many actors having a role to play in the provision of services and development of arts policies.





Kangas, A. (2016). The local cultural sector : Reinvigorating its public functions and foundations. Nordisk Tidsskrift for Informationsvidenskab Og Kulturformidling, 5(2), 31–37.