Hvid[mə] Archive

An artistic research project highlighting critical, intersectional and decolonial practices


  • Annarosa Krøyer Holm Hvid[mə] Archive
  • Miriam Haile Hvid[mə] Archive




Danish coloniality, artistic research, collaboration, critical whiteness, intersectional and decolonial practices, artists archiving


This essay describes how the artistic research project Hvid[mə] Archive started as a critical comment on the Danish Royal Cast Collection’s exhibition in the colonial West Indian Warehouse at the harbour front in Copenhagen. The essay situates the project as a response to the lack of verbalization about the warehouse’s colonial past, as well as to the lack of a verbalization about the context and history that the plaster cast collection is a product of. Furthermore, the essay clarifies the use and re-conceptualization of the Danish noun hvidme, and how it created an entry point for a contemporary critical whiteness discourse in a specific Danish art context. The essay also describes how the project developed into the artistic research project and collaboration that it is today. A decolonial and intersectional artist collaboration, that seeks to facilitate exhibitions, encourage artistic workshops and networks, host events with visual artists, cultural producers, writers and theorists working within a decolonial and critical frame. The essay showcases some of our defining activities, as well as aspects of our working methods, practices, reflections, doubts and questions for further discussions.





Krøyer Holm, A., & Haile, M. (2019). Hvid[mə] Archive: An artistic research project highlighting critical, intersectional and decolonial practices. Nordisk Tidsskrift for Informationsvidenskab Og Kulturformidling, 8(2), 113–129. https://doi.org/10.7146/ntik.v7i2.118486



Artistic Essay