A New Special Issue on: Makerspace, culture and design


NTIK invites submissions that advance the research on makerspaces


A New Special Issue on

Makerspace, culture and design


Design processes are usually conceptualized in terms of creation of ideas, identification of problems, product constructions, discussion of concepts, society perspectives, etc. In educational and cultural institutions and in companies, makerspaces articulate an informal site for all the elements mentioned, i.e. for creative production promoting physical as well as digital activities, information sharing, and engagement with materials, processes, and ideas. A central theme is how makerspaces may give opportunities for exploring the boundaries between the physical and digital, between theoretical and practical knowledge, and between construction and mediation.  Studies on makerspaces contribute to research fields like ´participatory design´ and ´user-involvement´ with relevance for both IT-development and changes in cultural as well as educational institutions.  Another central theme concerns how to establish co-creation understood as a process where digital technologies, materials, and the interests and knowledge of the participants mutual re-configure each other. We hope that this special issue on makerspace will raise important questions belonging to the field described.  We invite scholars to submit papers addressing topics that include, but are not limited to, the aforementioned themes.


Issue editors: Trine Schreiber, trine.schreiber@hum.ku.dk (to whom abstracts should be submitted); Kjetil Sandvik, sandvik@hum.ku.dk; Pernille Bjørn, pernille.bjorn@di.ku.dk; Maria Menendez Blanco, maria.mb@di.ku.dk; Haakon Lund, hl@hum.ku.dk  



- Submission of abstract (200-250 words max): January 15, 2018

- Accept of abstract: February 1, 2018

- Submission of articles (6.000-8.000 words max): April 15, 2018

- Publication: September 2018

Practical information: The call invites proposals in both English and the Scandinavian languages.

See author guidelines on https://tidsskrift.dk/ntik/about/submissions#authorGuidelines