Vinsmagningsordbogen OEnolex Bourgogne. En milepæl i pragmatisk fagleksikografi

  • Patrick Leroyer
  • Asta Høy


This paper presents the design of a new online lexicographic information tool, OEnolex Burgundy (= OB). Initiated in the autumn 2012, OB is an ongoing interdisciplinary, international research project between specialised lexicographers, linguists, and wine experts. The project is co-financed by the Burgundy Wine Board (BIVB/VDB 2013) and by the French region Burgundy. It is aimed at the development of new functions and multimodal usages for its intended users in specific, wine-related user situations. In the first phase of its development, OB will address the information needs of trainees engaged in wine tasting training courses at the Burgundy Wine School. We will stress some of the new lexicographic and technological features of OB, including lemma selection, multimodal data types, and alternative access routes, all of these contributing to the satisfaction of evaluative information needs in the foreseen user situations.

Leroyer, P., & Høy, A. (2016). Vinsmagningsordbogen OEnolex Bourgogne. En milepæl i pragmatisk fagleksikografi. Nordiske Studier I Leksikografi, (12). Hentet fra