Marcus Pauli Sadeleri – finsk medarbetare i Schroderus Lexicon Latino-Scondicum

  • Petri Lauerma


Marcus Pauli Sadeleri (ca 1610–1662), a clergyman born in Pori and educated in Uppsala and Turku, helped Ericus Schroderus in Oulu to collect and edit Finnish material for Lexicon Latino-Scondicum (1637), a dictionary containing Latin, Swedish, German and, for the first time, also Finnish words. The Finnish material (ca 2400 words) includes words from Sadeleri’s own Satakunta dialect, but also Ostrobothnian lexical material, probably reflecting his own interests and connections to this area. There are also neologisms (both derivatives and compound words) probably formed by Sadeleri, as well as words from folk poems. Though Schroderus was considered a purist, also loan words with non-Finnish initial consonant clusters and voiced stops occur. Sadeleri also wrote some historical studies on Finland and its literature, but these have not survived. Later in life Sadeleri worked in several Finnish parishes and schools, but due to his difficult character he invariably found himself in trouble, and he finally died in poverty.

Lauerma, P. (2016). Marcus Pauli Sadeleri – finsk medarbetare i Schroderus Lexicon Latino-Scondicum. Nordiske Studier I Leksikografi, (12). Hentet fra