Samvirket mellom ordbank og ordbok

  • Oddrun Grønvik
  • Christian-Emil Ore


In August 2012 the web edition of Nynorskordboka was launched with a revised orthography for Nynorsk and many new functions, directed at improving user friendliness and information trans mission about the Nynorsk standard language. Until then, part of speech information and (abbreviated or coded) inflection patterns were hard coded as part of the dictionary text. In the new web edition, the dictionary database is linked to the Word Bank for Nynorsk. The entry head is generated from the Word Bank, as are schema showing inflected forms written in full. The Word Bank for Nynorsk has become an efficient tool for maintaining and transmitting orthographic information on Nynorsk. Use of the revised web edition has increased considerably in the last year.
Grønvik, O., & Ore, C.-E. (2016). Samvirket mellom ordbank og ordbok. Nordiske Studier I Leksikografi, (12). Hentet fra