Den fagsproglige ordbogsartikels fysiognomi


  • Gunhild Dyrberg
  • Joan Tournay


The purpose of this paper is to discuss various problems arising when working with bilingual lexicography. The discussion is based on a current project: a bilingual French/Danish dictionary in the field of law intended for translators. Before embarking on our main subject(the structure ofthe dictionary article), we brie fly examine the lexicographic structures currently used in the metalexicographic literature and present the lexicographic structures which we have chosen to operate with. We then describe the macrostructure of our dictiona1y and the princip les used when selecting the lemmata of the dictiona1y (the mediostructure ). We base our examination on concrete examples from the French-Danish dictionary and concentrate on the microstructure, that is the article notes following the lemma and the structure of this information. The essential element of the microstructure being the statement of equivalents, we focus on the information to be provided in the equivalent field. Finally we examine the collocation field which includes both the collocations as such and such material as we consider illustrative of the use of the different lemmata.





Dyrberg, G., & Tournay, J. (1995). Den fagsproglige ordbogsartikels fysiognomi. Nordiske Studier I Leksikografi, (3). Hentet fra