Spansk mad – en illustreret onlineordbog


  • Birthe Gawinski


Spanish food – an illustrated online dictionary. The question of equivalence has always created
problems for lexicographers when we work with bilingual dictionaries. I have wondered whether
information technology might offer a solution to this problem. The question that I have tried to
answer is the following: “Can encyclopaedic information including illustrations rectify missing
equivalence in bilingual, web-based dictionaries within cultural subject areas?” I have chosen to
limit the subject to gastronomy, because this subject has a very culture-specific terminology. The
target group of the dictionary is not limited to one particular group. Because of the hypertext
structure that allows the user to work at various levels, the dictionary may meet the needs among
Danish-speaking people with varying knowledge of Spanish. My conclusion is that the user of an
online dictionary will have access to a lot more relevant information using an online encyclopaedic
dictionary than it is possible to offer in a printed dictionary.





Gawinski, B. (2006). Spansk mad – en illustreret onlineordbog. Nordiske Studier I Leksikografi, (8). Hentet fra