Den fraseologiske terminologi

  • Lars Brink


The phraseological terminology. The purpose of this paper is to bring law and order to the
phraseological terminology. Our current “terminology” is not only systematically undignified,
we simply do not understand each other at conferences and the like because it is often impossible
to decode the speaker’s terminology and the contents of what he is saying simultaneously. But
the worst thing is that thinking is so much influenced by language that as long as our terminology
is not well-established, we can hardly do creative empirical research in our field. I go through all
the key concepts: phrases which are divided into collocations (divided into open and closed) and
idioms (divided into metaphorical and non-metaphorical (further divided into transparent and
non-transparent)). All the definitions are listed at the end of the paper. I have tried to avoid
idiosyncrasy, by clinging to the best of our traditions.

Brink, L. (2006). Den fraseologiske terminologi. Nordiske Studier I Leksikografi, (8). Hentet fra